July 01, 2016

Experience of Mohijeet Das (IITG and NID)

Hello guys , firstly let me introduce myself, I'm Mohijeet Das from Assam.

Got selected in IIT-G and NID

Educational qualification: mechanical engineer.

Tips and things that worked for me :
First thing I did was I downloaded all previous year papers and solved it that's the first thing one should do as it will give you a brief idea about the pattern, this year the question paper was a bit different so we can't predict the best thing we could do is prepare.

For part A I collected stuff from Google and blogs ( teacup and stuffyoulook) you can get a broad idea about Ceed from this blog's .

For part B I would doodle  anything but try to acquire knowledge on basic such as perspective, colour theory, rendering, human figure and so on , try to draw a lot of lines, circle and ovals a lot ,this would bring a lot of difference in your sketching.

Portfolio: your portfolio should represent your field of interest. for ex. I have interest in product and interaction so my portfolio was inclined towards it.

Interview : it's a mystery box, one universal truth u can't be fake, just be yourself.
I would say enjoy this journey , we can take great help from mentors like Gadkari sir and I would thank sir for giving me this opportunity.

Best of luck guys.\


vaibhav said...

Sir i have completed my 3 years diploma and 3 years of degree am i eligible for the exam,?? Coz somewhere i read that 4 years of bachelors degree is required.. Plz reply

Prasanna Gadkari (M.Des in Product Design from I.I.Sc. ) said...

Hi Vaibhav,
If you have a degree in engineering, you are eligible :)

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